Maintenance Plans

Our Maintenance Plans include essential processes strategically designed to keep your computer running it's best when you need to use it. What would happen to your vehicle if you didn't change the oil, replenished fluids and skipped routine maintenance? Your computer is a machine similar to a vehicle that requires  regular maintenance to run smoothly for many years.  Here at Bay Geeks our philosophy is simple; proactive steps mitigate reactive upsets. Let our technicians match you with the proper plan that will keep your computer healthy and strong. 


In today’s fast paced business environment, technology assets must be reliable or your business will suffer. The security and reliability of your workstations are of the utmost importance, so having the proper tools in place to monitor and protect these assets can mitigate costly headaches in the future. Whether your business only has one employee or several hundred, our plans are suitable and affordable to any business.  We offer three options ranging from basic automation to full support and help-desk entitlement.


A well maintained computer is a long lasting computer! Has your computer ever crashed in the middle of an important task, causing you to lose important files, such as family photos or school work? We can prevent these catastrophes by automating necessary maintenance that if left neglected would shorten the life expectancy of your computer. We have two options to choose from, both of which monitor and maintain your computer to enhance its performance and protect against attacks. We perform daily security scans, process missing patches and Windows and 3rd party updates. We also proactively monitor your hardware so that we can replace components before they fail.