Virus & Spyware Removal

Maintenance PlanVirus & Spyware Removal has evolved into a complicated skill-set. Having just an anti-virus program is not sufficient to keep your computer infection-free . Your computer is exposed to a myriad of threats and vulnerabilities everyday, so it's important to have a well designed and layered solution if you want to be safe and secure online.

Our technicians are Certified Malware Removal Experts. We continuously invest in the latest tools and training available to ensure that we can effectively and safely clean your computer. In most cases, we can remove the infection WITHOUT reinstalling your Operating System. We pride ourselves in refreshing our procedures regularly as new threats are always emerging.

We recommend contacting Bay Geeks proactively before you actually need us.We can set you up for success so that you don't have to scramble to disinfect! We are confident in the skills our technicians possess to clean your machine of viruses and spyware. Although, we cannot offer 100% assurance we can come very close to that level of assurance when you sign up for one of our maintenance plans. We offer Commercial Maintenance Plans and Residential Maintenance Plans that are designed to keep your computer running it's best when you need to use it.

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