Referral Program

Computer Repair Referral Program

Why pay for computer repair? We've come to find that a large portion of our business has come from referrals. We believe this is the greatest compliment we will ever receive.

When you refer someone to us who uses our services we will provide you with a 20% discount off of your next hour of service.

  • 1 referral ¬†= 20% off next hour of service
  • 2 referrals = 40% off next hour of service
  • 3 referrals = 60% off next hour of service
  • 4 referrals = 80% off next hour of service
  • 5 referrals = Next hour of service free!

Our database tracks referrals. When someone tells us who referred them (or you can call or email to let us know) we track that in the database along with the services provided. Please make sure you sign up to take advantage of this program!
The referral program can not be redeemed for cash.

  1. Your referral discount can be transferred to anyone of your choice within our service area or converted to remote support.
  2. We reserve the right to discontinue or alter these terms and conditions at anytime.

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