Residential Services

Since 2004, the Bay Geeks team has been providing technical support services to residents all over the country and some overseas. We offer convenient options ranging from on-site services, remote support and pickup and return, so you don't have to take apart your computer and drag it somewhere, we'll do the heavy lifting for you! We repair and upgrade any computer brand, make and model.

Is your computer infected with a virus or malware?
Our technicians are Certified Malware Removal Experts. We continuously invest in the latest tools and training available to ensure that we can effectively and safely clean your computer. In most cases, we can remove the infection WITHOUT reinstalling your Operating System. We pride ourselves in refreshing our procedures regularly as new threats are always emerging, so having the right skill set to address them can save our customers a great deal of frustration.

A well maintained computer is a long lasting computer!
Ever wonder what would happen to your vehicle if you didn't change the oil, replenish fluids and neglect routine maintenance? Your computer is also a machine, and without maintenance and care, its life-cycle is significantly reduced. Has your computer ever crashed in the middle of an important task, causing you to lose important files, such as family photos or school work? We can prevent these catastrophes by automating necessary maintenance items!

Our Basic Maintenance Plan monitors and maintains your computer to enhance its performance and protect against attacks. We perform daily security scans, process missing patches and Windows and 3rd party updates that if left neglected, would ultimately lead to a very slow computer or worse. We also proactively monitor your hardware so that we can replace components before they fail. Included in our plan is the Bay Geeks Managed Antivirus, which is a business class anti virus & anti malware solution. The engine that powers this solution is a top performer in the industry and effectively protects our computers against infections.

Why are updates important? Letting Windows automatically update itself is no longer sufficient for your computer to run smoothly. In the last year alone, there were 3 Windows patches that caused problems for thousands of people including software crashing and system driver failure causing system failures such as the dreaded "blue screen of death" and several other issues. As part of our regular maintenance, we will manage your Windows and Microsoft updates, system patches, and other important updates including most of your 3rd party software so that you don't experience critical issues.

Are you backing up your files so that when your hard drive fails you don't lose your data? Our systems can often detect hard drive failures and alert you before you're completely out of commission. In addition, we can discuss and setup backup strategies so that your treasured photos and files remain treasured and not a memory.

Let Bay Geeks help protect the investment you've made on your computer! Technology doesn't have to be frustrating, we can proactively manage issues so that you can have peace of mind and rely on your computer when you need it!

Our basic plans start at $40.00 per month per computer, with a one year commitment. Call us at 727-579-GEEK(4335) to sign up, we'll be happy to help!

We commonly service the following:

  • Spy ware, Ad ware, Mal ware  and virus infections
  • Modem and Internet access problems
  • Network setups
  • Network access problems
  • MS Windows errors (OE, illegal operation, etc.)
  • Crashed hard drives
  • Blown motherboards
  • System lockup
  • CD-ROM and optical drive malfunctions
  • Sound problems
  • Blown power supplies and fans
  • Water, liquid, lightning and power surge damage
  • Strange computer noises and growls
  • Hardware and software upgrades of all kinds
  • Almost any computer-related problem


See below what other services we have to offer and give us call, we'll be happy to help.