Advanced WiFi Solutions

Wired & Wireless Networking and Security

Low Voltage Cable Installation

We have the best team of low voltage cable installers in the State of Florida. We've worked with them for several years and they're constantly going above and beyond our expectations. No project is too big or too small. We're happy to help create, manage and maintain your wired & wireless networks.

WiFi Problems? 

We love WiFi, if you have any dead-zones or problem areas we can certainly help. Sometimes it means running a low voltage cable to the deadzone and adding another access point. Othertimes we need to change a channel or move a phone, microwave, wireless camera etc... There are many sources of WiFi interference. We have the tools and know-how to ensure you're back up and running as fast as humanly possible.

Network Security Consulting Services

Because of the increasing need for securing your network from Hackers, Script-Kiddies, and disgruntled users, we can install a complete Network Security Infrastructure. Security is like a suit of Armor, all the parts make up a complete network body of protection. If one part is missing, like the helmet, then a blow to the head (denial of service attack) will kill the network.

Today the network administrator must add devices to the network to listen to what is going on outside and inside the network. It's not just Hackers out there trying to probe your network. It's a computer newbie who just installed a network discovery package at home which “pounds” against your network.

One scenario is:

A guy on his cable modem running a ping tool to see if your site will answer. Or worse, direct so much ping traffic that your network becomes so busy, that you are now in the middle of a DOS (Denial of Service) attack. Causing your e-business customers to think you're down.

The types of Threats to you network are:

Unstructured Threats, newbies with hacking tools
Structured Threats, hackers who are motivated and competent to gain access
External Threats, organizations and countries trying to steal your data
Internal Threats, disgruntled employees or contractors trying to steal your data

Hackers, Crackers, and Phreaks Attack your network with:

Reconnaissance Attacks, mapping your network
Access Attacks, gaining access to systems and networks and moving files around
Denial of Service Attacks, denying legitimate access to your network and services

We can help by deploying Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Sensors, Vulnerability assessment tools, Sniffers, and VPN Solutions.
One misconception is: Security is not as important as selling your product. If the internal network is compromised, there will be no communications between departments. Thus resulting in personnel downtime and loss of work. If the external network is compromised, the external communications between customers is gone. Thus turning paying customers away. Security is as important as selling your products and services.

A Firewall is a must. But having a firewall is the first step

A firewall is only as good as your programming. Any hole in a firewall that allows external connectivity to your web server is vulnerable to hackers. Server managers must keep patches up to date. Having a syslog server is good, but someone must watch the logs, or purchase a software package that “mines” the logs and reports suspicious traffic. Make sure you have in-bound access lists to prevent common “attacks” on your perimeter router. We can provide these services and more to ensure your systems are secure. Security is a daily process. In one week new vulnerabilities appear that you must protect against. We can deploy and train your staff to do this themselves, and then advise them as the need arises.

VPN to the Office is a "best practice" to keep data safe in Transit

VPN between companies to ensure no loss of code and intellectual properties is a must in today's E-business world. A VPN to secure communications between telecommuters and the company is must. A VPN for remote Sales or Technical Support staff is more cost effective than Remote Access (RAS) solutions. We can help you deploy such a solution.

Intrusion Detection and Vulnerability Assessment Tools are Necessary

Intrusion Detection Sensors (IDS) and Vulnerability Assessment Software are not only a must, but are your only defense from the “bad people out there”. Having IDS sensors deployed behind your perimeter router and in front of your firewall will give you a picture of what types of traffic, good and bad, is coming in from the internet. These boxes have “signatures” that look for most “Network Attacks”. IDS Sensors report their “hits” to a central repository so you can be alerted and can take action to block the offender. The Vulnerability Assessment Software makes you the hacker to test your firewall and other network components, looking for known vulnerabilities. We can help you deploy these tools and train your in their use.

Our Security Solutions employ standard techniques:

  • Purchase off the shelf components
  • Installation and deployment of these technologies.
  • Train staff to utilize these technologies and report findings
  • Learn strategies to identify false positive attacks, all security software has this problem.
  • Finally, create a schedule to perform maintenance and updates to security software and hardware.