My computer, a 2011 MacBook Pro, had a fatal crash. Based on my description of the problem, Bay Geeks found I needed a new internal drive. I ordered a new internal hard drive that Bay Geeks installed. However, there were unexpected system problems. Upon consultation with Apple, Bay Geeks found that my computer had other problems related to a product recall. Apple had him install a new logic board (parts were paid by Apple).
Now the computer runs like new. If I recall correctly, the $200 was the minimum charge from Bay Geeks for about 2 hours of service but based on the fact that Bay Geeks went twice to Apple in Tampa for consultation, I think they worked on it for over two hours, without charging extra. I thought that was nice of them.
The tech and owner picked up and delivered the computer at home. He was on time and very professional. He seemed very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about his work. That's always a good sign.

Carlos O. ,

Cleaned up both my laptop and desktop dell computers.  Unfortunately, the mother board for the lap top died less than a month after he fixed it.  Am now buying a new laptop from Alden and am trying to get Dell to acknowledge my extended coverage for the old one.

Somehow they can see it even tho I can on their website.  Last I heard, I need to talk to someone in the UK.

At. any rate, Alden has been very responsive, made to time to come back a 2nd time due to the mother board problem with very little charge.  I trusted him enough to buy the new laptop through him along with a maintenance contract. No more expensive than Best Buy with a personalized touch.

Very satisfied!


Installed hard drive into laptop. I stood by him while he did it and was glad I wasn't doing myself.  Good work. I'll use Bay Geeks again

Ken E.,

Recommended and installed equipment to speed up my internet connection. Cleaned up my laptop and ran maintenance on same.

Easily one of the best experiences I've ever had with a service person. Has my computer humming beautifully, So VERY knowledgeable. I subscribed to Angie's list because I would not invite just anyone into my home to work on my computer. Bay Geeks had a high rating and trust me it was completely justified.

W. T. Simpson,