Bay Geeks and Alden have provided wonderful service. After engaging them for personal computer services, I upgraded to their Corporate Service agreement to cover everyone in our company. The service continues to be timely, responsive, personable and patient.

Our devices are maintained proactively which has minimized or eliminated issues of security, software updates, integration using MSO 365 and device performance.

More importantly, Bay Geeks takes their customer service seriously including taking the time to educate and provide industry information when questions arise.

Alden has been able to minimize any downtime by proactively monitoring device and component life span.

As I recently told them, their ability to proactively & dramatically improve the speed of my computer made me feel like I was experiencing "whiplash" when I returned to opening/downloading files.

It is reassuring to have such a service relationship with Bay Geeks so that we can stay focused on our own critical work.

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