Pauliane Stenberg is the co-owner of Bay Geeks, LLC and is responsible for the Client Services and Financial division.  By analyzing strategic metrics, Pauliane has been credited with above industry average customer satisfaction, profitability and retention rates.

Pauliane's customer relations experience comes from her time as a Manager of Client Relations for the then #1 "FinTech 100" Financial Technology Services company.  During her tenure she worked with various multi-million and billion dollar Financial Institutions prior to joining Bay Geeks. She was responsible for leading various teams of Portfolio Managers that maintained relationships with the top executives of community banks and credit unions throughout the continent.

Pauliane studied Business at the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida after completing her Associates Degree at Saint Petersburg College.

With her experience in financial technology as well as customer relations, Pauliane's is an asset to our team.

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