Remote Support FAQ

Q. Will the Remote Assistance work if my PC is behind a firewall?

A. Yes. Most firewalls are configured to allow outgoing connections from the computers behind them. If you use a software firewall, you might get a warning message with the option to allow the remote assistance service to call out, or you might have to manually configure the software.

Q. I have a (brand name/non-brand name) computer. Can you fix it?

A. We can work on any brand computer as long as you are running one of the Microsoft Windows operating systems or Apple's OSX/MacOS.

Q. I have a FiberOptic/DSL/cable router. Will the remote assistance work on my PC?

A. Yes. A static IP or dynamic IP makes no difference.

Q. Can anyone else connect to and remotely control my PC?

A. We're using TeamViewer which has several options:
The Quick Support option will allow you to request support. Once you've downloaded, run the software and accepted the terms, we will be able to send you a popup that you can click on "Allow". You will then have an icon on your desktop that says "Bay Geeks Remote Support". You'll need to run that each time you'd like us to connect.

The other option is the Hosted option. This version will let us login anytime you give us an approval either via telephone, email, ticket etc... We can login anytime, but we respect your privacy.

If you need to use TeamViewer or want to let other's connect, we can install the Full version of TeamViewer. This option needs to be secured in order to ensure no one else can access your PC. If you do not secure it, anyone with the ID and password can connect.

Q. Will this work if I have a dial-up internet connection?

A. No. We do have some options for dial-up users, however our current toolset only works over a high speed broadband connection. If you have dial-up, please let us know and we can let you know if we still have our legacy versions of our remote tools.

Q. How long will the support session take?

A. That depends. A simple configuration or 'How to' question may only take a few minutes. If we are removing viruses, adware, spyware, and optimizing your PC, the session is usually around an hour. Depending on the severity of the infestation, the session could take well over an hour. We genuinely care about doing the best possible job and make sure your computer is in the best condition possible. We want our service to be a great experience for you and hope you will return to Bay Geeks with all your computer problems and questions.